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Pet Slimmer Finalist

A happier & healthier ever after for Amber

Lost 8.3 kgs
19.8% of her bodyweight.

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Large Crossbreed, Female

Starting Weight: 42 kgs
Current Weight: 33.7 kgs
Percentage Lost: 19.8%

Slimmer Practice
Ou Kaapse Vet, Cape Town

Slimmer Supervisor
Janie Budd

Amber - progress 1 Amber - progress 2

Amber’s Story

Amber presented on the 14/1/2021 at Ou Kaapse Vet with a cranial cruciate ligament rupture and needed surgery to repair it but she was extremely overweight and an anaesthetic risk. On the vet's instruction we put her onto the Hill’s Pet Slimmer Programme with Prescription Diet Metabolic & Mobility diet to get that weight off.

Amber's owner Norma is a very good and compliant mom and with regular weighing and monitoring she lost a whopping 6.4kg in 5 months and was able to have her surgery on the 9th July. 

The cruciate ligament was successfully repaired and Amber is now a very happy and healthy dog. She has regained full mobility and is now a slender and active member of the family. Norma says that having lost all her excess weight has contributed greatly to her recovery and mobility. Amber is now on a maintenance diet of Prescription Diet Metabolic & Mobility is doing well and has even lost a further 1.9kg!

We at Ou Kaapse Vet are very proud of Norma and Amber!!

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