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Pet Slimmer Finalist

How Baloo got his motion back

Lost 18.8 kgs
35.5% of his bodyweight.

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Retriever, Male

Starting Weight: 53 kgs
Current Weight: 34.2 kgs
Percentage Lost: 35.5%

Slimmer Practice
Highveld Animal Clinic, Pretoria

Baloo - progress 1 Baloo - progress 2

Baloo’s Story

Baloo was struggling when he was overweight and became out of breath from even the slightest exercise. Baloo started receiving weight loss treatment (hydrotherapy and core exercises) at Back In Motion as soon as he started his diet, Prescription Diet Metabolic food.

Initially the only exercise he could handle was 3 x 20 sec of swimming. It was built up to 3 x 3min with 15 min of core training at Back In Motion with walks and running with his owners during the week and weekends.

It took about a month of being on the strict training and diet for Baloo's personality to shine through again. He lost weight at a steady pace and it took about 1.5 years to reach his target weight.

He is such a happy goofy boy at the moment and in perfect health.

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