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Pet Slimmer Finalist

Bella bounces back

Lost 2 kgs
29% of her bodyweight.

Give a paws up

Dachshund, Female 

Starting Weight: 7 kgs
Current Weight: 5 kgs
Percentage Lost: 29%

Slimmer Practice
Bakenkop Animal
Clinic, Pretoria

Slimmer Supervisor
Sr Cindy Du Preez

Bella - progress 1 Bella - progress 2

Bella’s Story

When I first laid eyes on the most beautiful little Dachshund, I just knew I had to take this baby home. It was love at first sight for the both of us. She has such a loving personality with a big appetite for life and food. Inseparable, she goes where I go, loves to cuddle under the blankets at night and she knows just how to open presents while wiggling her backside with excitement for the new toy.

Since Bella became my life, I knew I had to make sure that she stayed fit and healthy. Bella slowly started gaining weight especially after her sterilisation even though I was only using the best dog food. By the time she reached 7kg I knew that this is not a healthy weight for Bella. She is my pride and joy and people would make fun of her and call her fat. It broke my heart. I felt like the worst mom on the planet. My baby was overweight, but I couldn’t get the weight off without feeling like I’m starving her.

Bella was so tired after short walks and out of breath. She started getting lazy getting on the couch and sometimes she would ask me to pick her up instead of using her step to jump up. She would balance her weight between her two front legs if she sat down because she was too heavy and uncomfortable to stand still. She was only comfy if she was laying down, flat on her side. The one time she injured her leg while jumping off the couch and that’s when I realised that something must change.

Thanks to Sr. Cindy who saw me staring at the Hill’s Metabolic food and asked about my doggy. I explained to her that I have tried it before with no luck. She invited me to bring Bella in for an assessment and our success story began. Bella was losing weight and Sr. Cindy assured me that she wasn’t starving and that her health was improving.

Now Bella’s new body is so gorgeous. I can’t wait to take her out for what used to be walks in the park are now jogs in the park. My Bella Boo can now run twice as far as she could before and still have energy afterwards for more playtime. People compliment us and call her cute. She can sit still for hours without having to shift her weight from side to side. She can even jump on the couch without using her step (even though I prefer her using the step for safety reasons). The amount of energy that she has now is unbelievable.

I better watch out because Bella is so fast, she hasn’t developed the necessary ABS to stop in time. I need to catch her if she is being silly before she bumps into the furniture. I love Bella’s new energy and joy. She is so much happier and so am I. Thanks so much Hills and team!!!!

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