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Pet Slimmer Finalist

Even lockdown couldn’t stop Duke’s weight loss

Lost 21.1 kgs
38.6% of his bodyweight.

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Retriever, Male

Starting Weight: 54.6 kgs
Current Weight: 33.5 kgs
Percentage Lost: 38.6%

Slimmer Practice
Pierre van Ryneveld Vet
Clinic, Pretoria

Slimmer Supervisor
Marietjie Botha
Duke - progress 1 Duke - progress 2

Duke’s Story

When visiting the Vet for an annual check up in early 2020, around the time of Duke’s 3rd birthday, the Vet explained to me that Duke was in a really unhealthy state for a 3 year old Labrador.

Weighing in at 54.6kg I was shocked to realise that he was 21kg overweight. How did this happen? I could see that he was lethargic the past few months and just getting up seemed to take a lot of effort. I didn’t realise I was overfeeding him, nor that he was stealing the other dog’s food as well (something he is very good at).

The message from the Vet was simple, either Duke loses a lot of weight or he will most likely not live much beyond 6 years. I decided to take the advice and enrolled him into the Hill’s Pet Slimmer programme. Nurse Marietjie assisted us with the correct food and portions and the hard work started.

We stuck to the programme with more discipline than world class athletes. Every weigh-in was great, the programme was working and it made us even more motivated. During this time Duke not only transformed physically, but he turned into the happiest dog alive. His energy levels are incredible and if he could find someone to play with him 24 hrs a day he would be even happier.

In a time when the world was in lockdown and most living creatures probably put on some weight (me included) it was indeed a triumph when we returned for the final weigh in and Duke reached his target weight. An amazing 21.1kg lost. We are happy to say that he is maintaining his weight to date and loving life.


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