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Pet Slimmer Finalist

Jinx jumps to weight loss success

Lost 2.5 kgs
32% of her bodyweight.

Give a paws up

Domestic Short Hair, Female

Starting Weight: 7.9 kgs
Current Weight: 5.4 kgs
Percentage Lost: 32%

Slimmer Practice
Vital Vet, George 

Slimmer Supervisor
Hollie Coates

Jinx - progress 1 Jinx - progress 2

Jinx’s Story

Jinx is a 13 year old DSH who used to live in an apartment in Indonesia. She would spend her days lying around, lethargic and not very excited about playing. When she made the move to South Africa her life was about to change. She started on her weight loss journey and joined the Hills Pet Slimmers program. With determination from both Jinx and her mum she has become a new kitty. This 13 year old is feeling like she's been transformed into a 5 year kitty. She is full of life, feisty and a real character excited about life. She spends her days jumping up onto things (which she was reluctant to do), playing and has a real enthusiasm for life. She has become a completely different cat and a real character.

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