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Pet Slimmer Finalist

Julie avoids surgery thanks to her weight loss

Lost 3.55 kgs
21% of her bodyweight.

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French Bulldog, Female

Starting Weight: 17.25 kgs
Current Weight: 13.7 kgs
Percentage Lost: 21%

Slimmer Practice
Bakenkop Animal
Clinic, Pretoria

Slimmer Supervisor
Sr Cindy Du Preez

Julie - progress 1 Julie - progress 2

Julie’s Story

Julie is a child in our household, we used to spoil her with lots of love and yummy treats off the table, until our vet visit last year in September. Julie started limping and was in pain. We saw the specialist surgeon at Bakenkop Animal Clinic and Julie was diagnosed with a partial cruciate rupture. The vet explained to us that if Julie did not lose some weight fast, she might completely rupture this ligament and need a big operation to fix it.

So we immediately made an appointment with Sister Cindy and started on the Pet Slimmer Program. To our surprise Julie loved the diet. She could not wait for meal time. We measured out her food, took away the other snacks and took her for physio session.

Today we are so thankful that due to eating the correct diet and by getting some physio, her ligament got stronger as the weight fell off. She has lost just under 4kg in total and we would never have guessed what a big difference that made on her personality even. She is full of energy, has no pain anymore, snores less and is like a puppy in the house again. We are so thankful for the Pet Slimmer Program, who helped our Julie become happy, healthy and pain free again.

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