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Pet Slimmer Finalist

A new lease on life for Liefie

Lost 1.7 kgs
25.2% of her bodyweight.

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Maltese, Female

Starting Weight: 6.8 kgs
Current Weight: 5.1 kgs
Percentage Lost: 25.2%

Slimmer Practice
Kruin Veterinary
Clinic, Pretoria

Slimmer Supervisor
Sunette Van Aardt
Liefie - progress 1 Liefie - progress 2

Liefie’s Story

Liefie is a cross between a miniature Maltese Poodle and a Miniature Maltese Terrier. She is 8 years old and totally blind, and used to be an energetic, playful dog that ran everywhere, jumped up and down the bed, barking and running to the gate if there was something or somebody there, very jealous.

Last year September, we realised that Liefie was very overweight and did not bark or even get up. She would moan and groan when you touched her and struggled to breath. Struggling to walk and could not jump on the bed anymore. Mom took her to the Kruin veterinary clinic because we thought she was suffering from something. However, Liefie got a clean bill of health except that she is very overweight and we needed to bring her to the sister at the clinic to help us.

I took her to see Sr. Sunette van Aardt, which suggested that Liefie join the Hill’s Pet Slimmer’s program, and prescribed Hill’s Metabolic food. At first, we started with 2 meals a day but it only worked for a while. So Sr Sunette adjusted her intake and prescribed we feed her 3 times a day.

We started walking short distances because of her struggle to breathe and after a while, we walked further and faster. We had wonderful love, care and attention from Sr. Sunette van Aardt who weighed her regularly and was more excited than anyone with her progress.

Liefie did very well on this program, which showed in centimetres and grams she lost as well as her becoming a healthier, happier and more energetic dog. She was much much more active and started barking and running, meeting me at the car after work. The transformation was rewarding.

Liefie was supported by Sr. Sunette van Aardt and encouraged with rewarding her with gifts to keep her and me motivated. Today she is her ideal weight and she is happier, more energetic and has a zest for life.

Thank you to Sr. Sunette van Aardt, thank you for Kruin veterinary clinic and thank you to Hill’s for support in getting Liefie to her goal weight. I am sure this weight loss has added years to her life and definitely a lot more quality and happiness. I am forever grateful for the added years on Liefie's life.

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