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Pet Slimmer Finalist

Mamma Mia, look at me now!

Lost 3.9kgs
39% of her body weight.

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Miniature Pinscher, Female

Starting Weight: 10kgs
Current Weight: 6.1kgs
Percentage Lost: 39%

Slimmer Practice
Pierre van Ryneveld
Vet Clinic, PTA

Slimmer Supervisor
Marietjie Botha
Mia - progress 1 Mia - progress 2

Mia’s Story

Hello! My name is Mia Morris. You could say I am a 7-year-old blend of liquorice ‘all-sorts’ given that I don’t know my exact breed! But that sure hasn’t stopped me from making ‘all-sorts’ of progress since starting my Hills weight- loss journey!

In 2016, I sadly lost my Jack-Russel brother to diabetes... This made my mama and I terribly sad. I no longer had anyone to play outside with and walks became fewer while both of us dealt with the pain of our loss. I became extremely lethargic and would spend most of my day just lounging in the sun or cuddled on a blanket at my mama’s feet while we watched TV.

However, after some time, my mama decided that we both had to be more proactive and start taking care of my weight to ensure I did not follow the same path! Thus, my Hills weight-loss journey commenced in April 2018! At a starting weight of 10kg with a target weight of 7.5kg, the journey ahead looked extremely tough... But we were up to the challenge! With every cup carefully measured and loving words of encouragement every step of the way, my progress became undeniable as the kilos started to shed!

I am so proud to say that as of July 2019, I have exceeded my goal weight and am feeling livelier than ever at 6.1kg thin! I run around and play with my new brother, and I am even able to jump onto the couch unassisted by my mama!

Thank you, Hills, for improving my quality of life! I am feeling barking-beautiful!

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