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Pet Slimmer Finalist

Golden oldie Miley feels like a puppy once more

Lost 4.6 kgs
31% of her bodyweight.

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Jack Russell, Female

Starting Weight: 14.7 kgs
Current Weight: 10.1 kgs
Percentage Lost: 31%

Slimmer Practice
Zwartkop Animal
Clinic, Pretoria

Slimmer Supervisor
Alta Celliers

Miley - progress 1 Miley - progress 2

Miley’s Story

“In 2009 I found myself in need of looking for a puppy to fulfil the energies of a home that only an animal can provide.

A friend informed that they were collecting a Jack Russel Terrier of their own, from a litter of nine out Ga­Rankuwa side, for free.

I made contact with the owners and acquired a picture of the last remaining puppy, to which I

immediately was convinced to be mine.

I collected Miley at 9 weeks old, and to date has been an amazing bond and friendship second to none!

Miley has enjoyed a life filled with joys, from her puppy classes with Amanda Pybus, to a companion at events and regular outings where she becomes the life of the occasion.

Miley is now at 11.5 years old, and recently started gaining weight. It was without any second decision that a check­up at the local veterinary was required.

Miley had her check­up and a weight reduction plan was initiated to get her into tip­top shape again.

The increased weight saddened the owner, snoring at nights, panting and battling on our regular occasion outings and the sheer laziness presented in the depth of her eyes.

It was almost as if the lust for life had disappeared, and became a priority to gain this back.

Miley took to the Hills Pet Slimmer’s Consultants dietary plan and recommendations enthusiastically, and results started showing almost immediately.

Miley successfully achieved her weight loss goal in record time, and over the planned period, life literally jumped back into her accustomed character and soul.

11.5 years, and although most would say this, Miley is literally back to puppy status, running without panting, sleeping without snoring, and yes, jumping on the bed again because she can.

New life has been injected into her being, and all that know her charismatic nature agree it is fantastic to have her spirited character back again.

Thank you to Alta, Zwartkop Veterinary, for the guidance, assistance and belief that Miley is destined to remain a puppy forever, and the rest of her incredible natural life.

As an owner, I couldn’t be more pleased with the outstanding results delivered to my best friend and companion, seeing the peace and joy in her eyes.”


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