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Pet Slimmer Finalist

Roxy’s long journey to a happier, healthier life

Lost 13.35 kgs
25% of her bodyweight.

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Bouvier des Flandes, Female

Starting Weight: 54.35 kgs
Current Weight: 41 kgs
Percentage Lost: 25%

Slimmer Practice
Yzerfontein Dierekliniek, Yzerfontein

Slimmer Supervisor
Anel Coetzee

Roxy - progress 1 Roxy - progress 2

Roxy’s Story

Roxy... my little girl. Well not so little.

Roxy gained severe weight after an accident which prevented us to do exercise. After a few years she started with medical problems due to the heavy weight gain and I went to Dr Anel Coetzee at Yzerfontein Veterinary Clinic.

Roxy was diagnosed with dermatitis and severe obesity.

We decided to change her food to Hills Metabolic and Mobility.

It took a while but Roxy lost so much weight over the months and became her old self again. This was a long and hard journey, but Roxy is full of life, less medical problems and she is keeping the weight off.

We are taking walks twice a day, and she just loves it, but she loves her food even more!

Thanks for saving my dog!


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