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Pet Slimmer Finalist

Zaylah’s journey from happy to happiest

Lost 11.8 kgs
28.1% of her bodyweight.

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Weimaraner, Female

Starting Weight: 42 kgs
Current Weight: 30.2 kgs
Percentage Lost: 28.1%

Slimmer Practice
Pierre van Ryneveld Vet
Clinic, Pretoria

Slimmer Supervisor
Marietjie Botha
Zayla - progress 1 Zayla - progress 2

Zayla’s Story

My name is Zaylah Pretorius.

I am what they call a “Weimaraner”. I am generally a very happy dog. I have my own mattress with nice warm blankets inside the big house.

I love these two-legged humans that serve me, but I love food more. I know I will get food when the humans say “honger", “kos", “treats”, and “soek". It basically means that they are asking me what I want so that they can serve me. And what I obviously want is food. They know that already because they have been my servants for a long time now. I try to eat everything that moves slower than me, but man, the more I ate the harder it was to catch these yummy things. I was what they called “fat". Whatever.

One day I could not walk AT ALL. Everything was in pain and I cried the whole night. My servants took me to this scary place that smelled like other animals and doctors. So, there was this other two-legged human who they called Marietjie, who said I weighed 41kg but then she said I will get new food!! I was so happy.

The new food was so delicious but then the servants decided to stop giving me treats. I was NOT happy with them. As time went on, I was able to move a little easier and my body was not hurting anymore. I went back to that scary place - luckily, they only tried to put me on this small metal stage (scale) and then we left. I got smart and climbed on myself later on. That showed them who’s boss.

The last time I was on the small metal stage Marietjie said I was at my target weight. I must say it feels nice. I can now chase those nasty cats off my yard, run to the gate to yell at everyone making that loud toot noise, and chase the upside-down rain when it pops out of my grass. All in a day’s work. And the best news is, after doing all this hard work the servants started giving me a few treats again when I demand it. All in all, life is good again.

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