Congratulations to Pet Slimmers
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Enrol your pet today to stand a chance to win next year!

Enrol your pet today to stand a chance to win next year!

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Pet Slimmer Finalists

Meet SA's Top Pet Slimmers for 2017

Take a look at their incredible before & after photos, read their amazing stories and share your favourites

Ziggy’s Weigh-Less Journey

Lost 5.4 kgs | 

24% of his bodyweight.

How Arial Got Her Bounce Back

Lost 5 kgs | 

43% of her bodyweight.

Ruby The Dashing Dachsie

Lost 3.6 kgs | 

42% of her bodyweight.

Jumbo Java Slim And Trim

Lost 23 kgs | 

34% of his bodyweight.

Bella Beats The Bulge

Lost 14.5 kgs | 

33% of her bodyweight.

Kapow To Those Killer Kilos

Lost 15.8 kgs | 

33% of his bodyweight.

Puganini - Portly Pug No More!

Lost 2.3 kgs | 

19% of her bodyweight.

Little Orphan Annie

Lost 5.5 kgs | 

39% of her bodyweight.

Saving Gracie

Lost 4.6 kgs | 

34% of her bodyweight.

Macy’s Metabolic Miracle

Lost 1.8 kgs | 

26% of her bodyweight.

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