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Running a weight management clinic in your practice adds extra value to the services you offer your clients.

The programme

The Hill’s Pet Slimmer programme has been is tried and tested by veterinary clinics throughout the country and each year thousands of pets in South Africa sign up and lose their ‘killer kilos’.

The programme is designed to help you and your clients work through a weight loss plan as a team, and encourages repeat visits. It can be an extremely rewarding project for a veterinary nurse or knowledgeable receptionist to manage.

Hill’s makes it easy for you and the client’s you enroll in the following ways:

  • We provide all the printed materials and online tools you’ll need to run a weight clinic easily.
  • We advertise your clinic on our website driving interested parties straight to you.
  • We provide your clients and their pet’s milestone rewards as well as ongoing communication supporting, encouraging and reminding them along the way.
Pet obesity is a human disease

The Hill’s Pet Slimmer campaign is a high profile publicity campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of pet obesity generating fantastic press for all those involved.

All pets reaching target weight are winners in our eyes, but by submitting an entry into the Hill’s Pet Slimmer of the Year Competition you and your client win great prizes!

If you are interested in running the Hill’s Pet Slimmer Programme in your practice please download the form and fax it to us on 086 510 4132 or call us toll free on 0800 228 783.

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Pet obesity is a human disease

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