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Pet Slimmer Hall of Fame

For those of you embarking on the Pet Slimmer Programme with your pet, here are some of the stories of perseverance from our previous ambassadors to keep you motivated.

  • Play on Gizmo

    Lost 5.9 kgs | 

    41.8 % of his bodyweight.

  • Nitro beats all the odds

    Lost 8.8 kgs | 

    25.3 % of his bodyweight.

  • Misty is living her best life

    Lost 9.8 kgs | 

    25.1% of her bodyweight.

  • Honey win 2020 Hill’s Pet Slimmer of the Year

    Lost 3.9 kgs | 

    31% of her bodyweight.

  • Mika's magical makeover

    Lost 16.4kgs | 

    30.9% of her body weight.

  • Ruby The Dashing Dachsie

    Lost 3.6 kgs | 

    42% of her bodyweight.

  • Dachies Dexter's dieting success.

    Lost 2.6kgs | 

    46% of his bodyweight.

  • Serial food thief reformed.

    Lost 51.1kgs | 

    30% of her bodyweight.

  • Hefty Hector loses an incredible 25kgs!

    Lost 35kgs | 

    30% of his bodyweight.

  • Finding Nemo’s Waistline

    Lost 11kgs | 

    22% of his bodyweight

  • Milo minimizes to almost half his bodyweight.

    Lost 6.5kg | 

    46% of his bodyweight.

  • Brave Buddy beats the bulge

    Lost 6kgs | 

    46% of his bodyweight.

  • Losing weight saves dog’s life.

    Lost 22kgs | 

    35% of his bodyweight.

  • Rufus rules - the 2009 Hill`s Pet Slimmer of the Year

    Lost 5kgs | 

    40% of his bodyweight.

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