Congratulations to our 2017
Pet Slimmer Ambassador

Congratulations to Ruby Roux! As voted for by our judges, Ruby has been awarded the coveted title of 2017 Pet Slimmer of the Year, losing 3.6kg and 42% of her body weight with the help of Chyanne McCleeve from Blue Cross Veterinary Clinic. Well done to all of our finalists - you're all winners in our eyes!

Be inspired and visit our Hall of Fame for more success stories.

Be inspired and visit our Hall of Fame for more success stories.

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The Pet Slimmer Programme

The Hill's Slimmer programme, which is run by hundreds of veterinary clinics in South Africa and Namibia, combines the clinically proven weight loss food with regular weigh-ins and expert advice. It has proven to be successful formula for thousands of cats and dogs.

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What makes the Hill’s Pet Slimmer Programme so great?

The proven success of the Hill’s Pet Slimmer Programme is thanks to:

Our technologically advanced weight-reducing nutrition

On-going support, motivation and advice

An individually tailored exercise routine

Our commitment to providing your beloved pet with a longer, more active, fulfilled life at their ideal weight!

Weight-reducing nutrition

Hill’s weight loss products are specifically balanced to ensure your pet loses weight but still receives all the nutrients they require to stay healthy. Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic is clinically proven to reduce body fat by at least 28% in just 8 weeks and maintain lean muscle mass.

Thanks to an advanced nutritional technology called nutrigenomics. Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic actually changes the pet’s metabolic profile from ’fat storing’ to ‘fat burning’ which helps to reduce the risk of rebound weight gain in future. No other pet food can make this claim

Support, motivation and advice

Both the participating practice and Hill’s offer on-going support, motivation and advice throughout the programme.

We encourage regular weigh-ins so that your pet’s progress is monitored and adjustments can be made to ensure steady weight loss. Plus, there are some great rewards for your slimming pet on enrolment and as milestones are achieved.

Exercise routine

A healthy, active lifestyle is an important element of any weight loss programme and the Hill’s Pet Slimmer Programme is no different. (Yes, even your cat needs exercise!) Take a look at some of our fantastic exercise tips for both cats and dogs to enhance weight loss.

Your commitment

Without your unwavering dedication to your pet’s health and wellbeing, we would not see the incredible results we do year after year. But we know just how tough it can be, so we’re always here to help you. Please feel free to contact us if you ever need any encouragement or advice or why not look at our Hall of Fame for some inspiration and motivation.

If we look at weight loss in humans, all too often shedding kgs is a temporary event followed by a steady regain of lost weight. This is because we fail to address the multi-faceted nature of what successful, permanent weight loss entails. The 4 pillars that we use in the Hill’s Pet Slimmer programme are similar to the principles used by Weight Watchers – the most successful weight loss programme in the world.

Whilst the greatest reward of all is to have a happy, healthy and active pet, small incentives goes a long way to staying motivated. We have a wonderful collection of recognition rewards for your slimming pet throughout the programme.


How to enrol

To enrol into the Pet Slimmer Programme you will need to take your pet to a Pet Slimmer Clinic in your area so that they can:

  • Advise you on your pet’s ideal weight
  • Recommend the right weight loss product
  • Provide you with the exact feeding amounts for your pet’s target weight
  • Arrange your enrolment gift

Don’t try to do it alone. We advise that you schedule at least monthly weigh-ins which allow you to assess progress, make feeding adjustments and get advice along the way. Weight checks are usually free and over the years we’ve found that it’s one of the key ways to ensure steady progress and successful weight loss.


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How to Enrol your clinic

Get started with enrolling in the Pet Slimmer Programme as a clinic or vet by learning more about how you can help Pet Parents keep their loved ones in perfect health.

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