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A happier & healthier ever after for Amber

Lost 8.3 kgs

19.8% of her bodyweight.

How Baloo got his motion back

Lost 18.8 kgs

35.5% of his bodyweight.

Meet boisterous Bentley

Lost 8.4 kgs

29.6% of his bodyweight.

Even lockdown couldn't stop Duke's weight loss

Lost 21.1 kgs

38.6% of his bodyweight.

Kayla goes from hungry eyes to loving eyes

Lost 18 kgs

31.3% of her bodyweight.

A new lease on life for Liefie

Lost 1.7 kgs

25.2% of her bodyweight.

Morgan's zest for life

Lost 5.6 kgs

40.9% of her bodyweight.

Golden oldie Roger feels like a puppy once more

Lost 9 kgs

52% of his bodyweight.

Sparky gets energised

Lost 4.1 kgs

36% of her bodyweight.

Zaylah's journey from happy to happiest

Lost 11.8 kgs

28.1% of her bodyweight.

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