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Pet Slimmer Winner

A brand new Bentley

Lost 5.1 kgs
45.5% of his bodyweight

Give a paws up


Dachshund, Male

Starting Weight: 11.2 kgs
Current Weight: 6.1 kgs
Percentage Lost: 45.5%

Slimmer Practice
Selpark Veterinary Clinic, Gauteng

Slimmer Supervisor
Renee Jackson

Bentley - progress 1 Bentley - progress 2

Bentley’s Story

This is Bentley, my best friend. In the past 8 years that he has been a part of our fur family he has always been spoiled with treats, toys, cuddles and kisses. He especially loved getting some extra treats and taking a lick here or a bite there of his pawrents human food, but as they say too much of a good thing can be a bad thing! Slowly but surely over time the centimeters started increasing and the kilograms started piling on and we noticed that Bentley started struggling with his mobility, energy and health.

In mid 2022 we also noticed that Bentley was displaying some odd behavior with regards to having difficulty moving and jumping, he stopped frequently on walks and would lick or chew his joints. We made an appointment with our vet Dr Newby at Selpark Veterinary Clinic and after examining Bentley he stated that there are signs and symptoms of arthritis and he recommended that we help Bentley to reach a healthy weight in order to manage his arthritis and improve his quality of life.

Dr Newby recommended the Hill's Pet Slimmer Program, we took the brave first step in enrolling Bentley in August 2022, we purchased the Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic dog food and we started walking every day. It was a long journey over the past couple of months with many ups and downs but we embraced the new lifestyle change and we had wonderful support from Dr Newby and his team. I am very proud to say that Bentley has reached and exceeded his goal weight and lost 5.1 kilograms! He has comfortably settled into his eating plan, goes for long walks and has minimal health concerns.

Bentley is living his best life and the only thing that he has gained in the past couple of months is an ego and attitude! Thank you Dr Newby/Team and thank you Hill's. 

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