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Pet Slimmer Finalist

Meet boisterous Bentley

Lost 8.4 kgs
29.6% of his bodyweight.

Give a paws up


Medium Crossbreed, Male

Starting Weight: 28.4 kgs
Current Weight: 20 kgs
Percentage Lost: 29.6%

Slimmer Practice
Zwartkop Animal
Clinic, Pretoria

Slimmer Supervisor
Alta Celliers
Bentley - progress 1 Bentley - progress 2

Bentley’s Story

Bentley is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Spaniel. He is 6 years old. Due to financial reasons, we have been giving him “No Name brand” food  since 2018. Slowly but surely he began to pick up weight. He did not play ball anymore, just wanted to follow me and was listless. He did not get table food at all but became fat due to too much low quality food. 

During August 2020 Bentley developed a skin rash and we went to Zwartkop Animal Clinic for advice. However, the vet was more concerned about his weight. He referred us to Alta. The day we went to see Alta, Bentley was panting constantly even though it was a cool day. I must admit that I felt really guilty when Alta explained to me where all the fat was stored. Bentley was 8 kilograms overweight!!! I did not realise it because he was constantly under our feet and we got used to his weight. 

Alta put him on the Hill's Pet Slimmer Programme and prescribed Hill’s Metabolic. And so we started his diet. We gave him two-thirds of his measured amount of food in the morning and a third in the evening. 

Slowly but surely he lost weight every week. He started getting more energetic and his skin and coat soon became beautiful. After a while the panting stopped and he just got more and more energetic. He started bringing the ball to play. Where he usually ran 2 rounds and was tired, he did not get tired. Now he is very active again. He now jumps on beds and couches, where he could not even get up before. I remember the day I took him to the vet, I had to help him get in the car. Now I open the door and he is in! Bentley is that boisterous puppy again - he has already entered his first 5km trail!

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