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Are Hill's pet foods guaranteed?

Hill's is 100% guaranteed for quality, consistency and taste, or your money back. These words are stated on all our bags and although we receive a very small number of 100% MBG claims, we take them very seriously:

Firstly, we believe it shows our commitment to our products and a superior service level.

Secondly, it helps you try Hill’s without reservation because if your pet won’t eat it we will refund you.

And lastly, all complaints we receive get fed into an international complaints system which help us detect, track and log any problems that may occur with specific batches or products.

As it states, "Hill's is 100% guaranteed for quality, consistency and taste, or your money back."

In other words, you can claim:

  • If there is visibly something wrong with the food or packaging that was not caused by incorrect storage after opening.
  • If your pet refuses to eat our food after a suitable transition.in the unlikely event that you believe the food has caused harm to your pet.

Unfortunately we will refuse claims where:

  • More than half the bag of food has been used.
  • The vet has changed the pets diet and the bag of the existing food has not been finished.
  • The wrong food was purchased and the bag opened.
  • The food has expired or purchased over 6 months ago.
  • The bag has been damaged after purchase.
  • There is obvious abuse of the guarantee on the part of the client.
  • The pet has died and there is no longer use for their food.

In order to receive your refund you need to take the bag together with the unused portion of food to the store or vet where you purchased the food. They may request a proof of purchase. All refunds are based on the price on receipt up to the Recommended Retail Selling Price.

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