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How to exercise my dog in the backyard?

Most dogs love to be outside, so even on days when you aren’t able to take a nice long walk, spend some active time out in the yard with them. Our top backyard dog exercise tips include:

Play a game of fetch by throwing a ball or toy.

Play a game of hide and seek, by hiding a low-calorie treat for your dog to find.

Set up a backyard obstacle course for your dog to complete.

Swimming can be good exercise for dogs with joint stiffness or back problems. As always, ask your vet for advice.

A gentle massage helps to ease muscle stiffness and boost circulation as you bond with your pooch.

Some cats enjoy outdoor exercise too. Most will be content to chase a toy or laser in the backyard – but with the right equipment and a bit of patience, the more adventurous types can also be trained to leash-walk! If you decide to try this route, remember to speak to your vet about the right training, leash and harness for your cat. 

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