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Pet Slimmer Winner

The Remarkable story of Archer's weight loss

Lost 4.9 kgs
16% of his bodyweight

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Collie (Border), Male

Starting Weight: 30.6 kgs
Current Weight: 25.7 kgs
Percentage Lost: 16%

Slimmer Practice
Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic, Gqeberha 

Slimmer Supervisor
Karen Vogel

Archer - progress 1 Archer - progress 2

Archer’s Story

Archer's weight loss journey went far deeper than just physical change. It was a journey of discovering the depths of his compulsive eating behaviour and of bringing his spunk and youthful energy back. Through Sr Karen at Southern Cross Vet Clinic's meticulous guidance on the Hill’s Pet Slimmer Program, we uncovered the nuances of Archer's snacking tendencies and learned that even the most well-meaning gestures (like treats from family members or left-overs that your toddler doesn't want) could lead him astray. 

We have been able to navigate mealtimes and portion sizes to best meet his needs on this journey. The 2 weekly weigh-in guidelines have been our best friend in keeping an eye on his progress and being held accountable for getting Archer healthier. To anyone saying the weigh-ins are a waste of time, I say they are the most important part of the program to succeed. It kept us accountable and focused on the long-term goal - a furry child who will live a healthier longer life. One of the best things of watching Archer lose weight was that we could see his more playful nature return. He now has more energy and a spring in his step. It has been a beautiful journey to watch and walk alongside him. 

What is truly remarkable is that the Hill's Pet Slimmer Program, led by compassionate experts, like Sr Karen, is a free offering - a testament to their genuine commitment to the well-being of our furry family members. Their selfless dedication proves that the health of our pets is a cause worth championing. 

Thank you for taking Archer on board and helping him be the version of himself. 

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