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Pet Slimmer Winner

A happier more active Noodle

Lost 3.9 kgs
26% of her bodyweight

Give a paws up


Corgi, Female

Starting Weight: 15 kgs
Current Weight: 11.1 kgs
Percentage Lost: 26%

Slimmer Practice
Bakenkop Animal Clinic, Pretoria

Slimmer Supervisor
Cindy du Preez

Noodle - progress 1 Noodle - progress 2

Noodle’s Story

Noodle was the first dog that we had as a married couple and naturally being our baby, she was always extremely spoiled with snacks and treats. We never noticed how overweight Noodle had become, we just thought she was happy, and we were showing how much we loved her by treating her. 

When Noodle started limping, we took her to see the vet at Bakenkop Animal Clinic. There didn't seem to be any obvious reason why Noodle was limping but when we put Noodle on the scale, the vet suggested that Noodle's weight may be impacting her joints and contributing to her pain. She advised us to see Sr Cindy to try and get Noodle's weight on track and see if her limping improved. 

In the beginning we kept telling ourselves that Noodle wasn't overweight, she seemed so happy, there must be something else. Noodle was started on Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic and that's when everything started to change. Within 2 months she had stopped limping, she was so active and playful. The more she lost weight, the more we realized how overweight she had been. Looking back at photos of Noodle from before we started the program with Sr Cindy, it's hard to believe she is the same dog. 

The program has done so much more for Noodle than just her weight loss and her activity levels. Noodle was always terrified of going to the vet, very fearful of other people and dogs, going to her appointments has made her so much less afraid. 

We are so grateful to Sr Cindy and the Hill’s Pet Slimmer programme for the impact they have had on our and Noodle's lives.

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