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Pet Slimmer Winner

Oreo the Champion

Lost 2.3 kgs
34.9% of his bodyweight

Give a paws up


Chihuahua, Male

Starting Weight: 6.6 kgs
Current Weight: 4.3 kgs
Percentage Lost: 34.9%

Slimmer Practice
Kruin Veterinary Clinic, Pretoria

Slimmer Supervisor
Sunette van Aardt

Oreo - progress 1 Oreo - progress 2

Oreo’s Story

"Oreo" to be the next Pet Slimmer champ! 

I am the proud owner of " Oreo" the once obese chihuahua which is now as slimline as can be! 

Oreo is 3yrs old and since we had him we could see food is LIFE for him. Eating was his number 1 objection and unfortunately we were not strict enough and didn't see the dangers coming. 

He snored a lot, had difficulty breathing and overall he was lethargic and didn't have a zest for life. I took him for a check up at my vet, Dr Franza Keyser, and she advised me to talk to the veterinary nurse, Sr Sunette Van Aardt who had a weight loss program for dogs. She put Oreo on Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic straight away. 

The kilograms started dropping and the centimetres melted away. Oreo was showing great results. I went for an operation and was unable to drive for a while, but when I had the chance I took him back for a weigh in and he came in below his target weight! We were so delighted. He is absolutely a brand new dog, bouncing around like a puppy! 

Please look at his transformation! In total, 2.3kg lost, 10cm on chest and 12cm on abdomen. 

Thank you Hill’s and Sr Sunette

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