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Pet Slimmer Winner

Polo’s resilience shows excellent long lasting results

Lost 4.6 kgs
20.5% of his bodyweight

Give a paws up


Beagle, Male

Starting Weight: 22.2 kgs
Current Weight: 17.7 kgs
Percentage Lost: 20.5%

Slimmer Practice
Bergzicht Animal Hospital - Big Bay, Cape Town 

Slimmer Supervisor
Annuska Esbach

Polo - progress 1 Polo - progress 2

Polo’s Story

The unconditional love of a Beagle is matched by the unconditional appetite for anything that comes in a packet. There are many pet owners who will claim they have the most beautiful and loving pet, but Polo has proven to be all of the above, and he has 'adopted' so many aunts, uncles, and grandparents that we are losing count. For his loving and kind nature, he gets spoiled by everyone who visits him, as well as his many Dads. Sadly, with age and love come a few layers, and in this case, harmful fat.

The Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic food was highly recommended and Polo has lost weight quickly. He is also enjoying the taste and even though the portions are smaller, they last a long time without him begging for more - and that's not including the 'puppy eyes' we always get when cooking. Polo is not only a beautiful Beagle, but he also has a beautiful heart that we can now cherish longer because he is healthy and properly fed. Our Polo-boy has shown great obedience and resilience through healthy bites for better barks. 

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