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Pet Slimmer Winner

A better Tessa

Lost 19.3 kgs
33.3% of her bodyweight

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Retriever (Labrador), Female

Starting Weight: 58 kgs
Current Weight: 38.7 kgs
Percentage Lost: 33.3%

Slimmer Practice
Pierre van Ryneveld Vet Clinic, Pretoria

Slimmer Supervisor
Marietjie Botha

Tessa - progress 1 Tessa - progress 2

Tessa’s Story

Tessa was discovered by us in a locked Wendy House without food and water at the age of 4 months. Since day one, she loved her food and was spoiled with lots of treats. Our love for her overlooked the fact that being a big girl, we never noticed how much weight she really carried. Now 5 years later we noticed her limping on one of her back legs. We took her to the vet and was informed that Tessa is significantly overweight and this is placing too much pressure on the knees, thus the limping. 

On 5th April 2022 we were introduced to Sr Marietjie who runs the Hill’s Pet Slimmer Programme at Pierre van Ryneveld Veterinary Clinic. Tessa weighed in at 58kg and her target weight was 39kg. We started the journey and it was not easy for both Tessa or us, as begging eyes stared at us and followed us day after day. This would happen even just after being fed, as Tessa loves food and treats and never seems to get enough. Tessa lost weight on a monthly basis at a steady pace and after about 3 months we noticed that the limp was gone. 

After a year of patience and hard work, Tessa reached 38.7 kg which was just below target. She is a different dog today and has lots more energy and loves going on a walk. 

We are so proud of our girl and Tessa is now known as the "sexy girl" by family, friends and neighbours.

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