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Swakop se skraal 'Képpie' raap gesogte title voor almal weg

Captain Hadddock, 'n Labrador van die kus...

My hond vet? Nooit gesien!

Pet Slimmers can help.

Is your pet obese? Time for a diet

If your pet’s stomach is very close to the ground and has abnormally short legs, you may have an obese pet on your hands.

It's a dog's life here in Uvongo

Good excuse to see the dusk setting...

Porky pug sheds kilos

A much-loved Pug from Durbanville is one of the nine finalists...


Pets fight the bulge

Truffles is one of the nine finalist in the Hill’s Pet Slimmer of the Year competition.

No More Podgy Pooches

Obesity is the biggest health problem facing South Africa pets.

Weighing In: Is Your Pet Fat?

This week we tackle the issue of pet obesity

Te veel vetjies nadelig

Dit is tyd om Snippie op die weegskaal te laat klim.

Nam dog guns for top spot in South African slimming competition

A Swakopmund Labrador retriever named Captain Haddock almost died...

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