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Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic for dogs


Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic is formulated to help dogs lose weight and keep it off. This food uses nutrigenomic science to kickstart your dog’s metabolism to burn fat rather than storing fat. This allows them to lose extra weight, keep it off and reduce begging behaviour.

Why Weight Management Matters

Obesity affects more than half of pets. Love is blind and as a pet parent, you might not notice it at first. Even a few extra kilos can lead to other health problems, like diabetes or heart disease. Being overweight can significantly impact your dog’s quality of life, and shorten their life expectancy.

Hill’s Weight Management for Dogs

Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic dog food is clinically proven to help manage your dog’s weight by

  • safely providing up to 28% body fat loss in 2 months.1
  • helping pets to lose weight without resorting to drastically small portions.
  • keeping your dog feeling full and satisfied between meals
  • preventing weight regain after weight loss.

Studies show that 88% of pets lost weight in 2 months with Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic food.2

Is Your Dog Overweight?

Is your dog’s body weight within a healthy range? Schedule an appointment with your vet for a weigh-in, and discuss the most beneficial dietary choices for your cuddly canine.

This food is available in:

  • Chicken and Lamb flavours
  • A smaller kibble for mini dogs
  • Tasty stew and canned options
1 Data on file. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.
2 Data on file. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.
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