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Hill’s Science Plan Perfect Weight for cats


Hill’s Science Plan Perfect Weight cat food is a breakthrough blend of natural ingredients that will help your cat to burn more calories and prevent excess energy from being stored as fat. By managing your cat’s weight with high-quality calorie-controlled nutrition, you can help them to live a longer and healthier life.


The Benefits of Hill’s Perfect Weight Cat Food

Hill’s has created this cat food using their many years of expertise in the field of pet nutrition and weight management. The food has the following benefits for cats:

  • An easy way to help keep extra weight off.

  • Filling and tasty, so your pet won’t feel deprived.

  • Suitable for long-term feeding from 1 year and up.

  • Ideal for neutered or spayed cats.


How Much should your Cat Weigh?

All cats have an ideal healthy body weight for their size and breed. Speak to your veterinarian to find out what your cat’s ideal body weight is.

Being overweight (even by a couple of kilos) can have a big impact on your cat’s quality of life. Overweight cats are more likely to experience breathing problems and urinary system problems, or develop conditions like diabetes and arthritis. Controlling your cat’s weight in a healthy way will ensure they enjoy better wellbeing overall.


Hill’s Cat Food for Weight Management

Hill’s Science Plan foods have been developed using the combined expertise of vets, scientists and pet nutritionists to give your pet the very best. Formulated with quality ingredients and nutrients, these foods are made to meet the dietary needs of healthy pets throughout each stage of their lives.


Where Can you purchase Hill’s Cat Food for Weight Management?

Hill’s Perfect Weight and other Science Plan cat foods can be found at specialty pet stores. They are also available through your vet.

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