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Pet Slimmer Hall of Fame

Brave Buddy beats the bulge

Lost 6kgs
46% of his bodyweight.

Give a paws up

Buddy Knoesen
Dachshund, Male

Starting Weight: 13kgs
Target Weight: 7kgs
Percentage Lost: 46%

Slimmer Practice
Bloemfontein Animal Hospital, Free State

Slimmer Supervisor
Ms Jean Wolmerans

Buddy Before image Buddy After image

Buddy’s Story

Buddy was a very small, thin and worm infested little puppy with abusive parents that really did not care about him at all, when I rescued him and started to take care of him.

When Buddy was about 2 years of age he would eat anything and everything in sight. I was advised to change Buddy onto premium veterinary food because of the high standards and good results, but I was fighting an endless battle with everyone at home about specific feeding times and no human food.

The staff at Bloemfontein Veterinary Hospital were very concerned that Buddy was dangerously overweight and feared that his back might give in. They told me about the Pet Slimmer Programme run by Hill’s and I immediately decided that this was a challenge I thought would suit Buddy perfectly.

Buddy’s first weigh in was a scary 13kg, almost double the weight that he should be. The long road ahead was waiting in anticipation, but we were willing to take it on and give it a try.

The first challenge at home was to stop feeling sorry for Buddy and feeding him all sorts of snacks and cheats. Endless speeches to the rest of the household sometimes fell on deaf ears. But I was determined to get this right and help Buddy lose this weight. Slowly but surely Buddy’s weight went from 13kg to 7kg!!

A lot of effort and exercise went into this, and it wasn’t until recently when looking at old photos of Buddy that I realised how overweight he was and how good he is looking now. He still enjoys his Prescription Diet r/d mini kibbles and is so excited for meal times. Looking at him now I feel it was all worth it and will keep him fit and lean as long as possible. He is a much happier and active dog, with his tail always wagging and always ready for a game.

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