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Pet Slimmer Hall of Fame

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Lost 5.9 kgs
41.8 % of his bodyweight.

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Jack Russell, Male

Starting Weight: 14.1 kgs
Current Weight: 8.2 kgs
Percentage Lost: 41.8 %

Slimmer Practice
Pierre van Ryneveld Vet
Clinic, Gauteng 

Slimmer Supervisor
Marietjie Botha

Gizmo | Before image Gizmo | After image

Gizmo’s Story

He was always a big boy, but before lockdown, Gizmo and his brother were outside during the day while mommy and daddy were at work. They spent their time running around and playing or barking when people walked by. When lockdown started, they started to spend much more time inside the house and Gizmo’s weight increased significantly. It became challenging for Gizmo to jump off couches or beds as there was just too much momentum behind him. All his life he also struggled with a sensitive tummy. He went to “extremes”, either being constipated or having a runny tummy.

It became time for Gizmo to shed his “baby fat”. He started his weight loss journey on the Hill’s Pet Slimmer Programme at Pierre van Ryneveld Clinic in October 2020 at a whopping 14.1 kg. There were many challenges, and it was a long journey with many ups and downs, but we never gave up. In June 2022, Gizmo reached his goal weight of 8.2 kg. He is now the most handsome babe on the block and mommy swears she can feel a six pack. Gizmo loves going for walks, playing ball, and jumping off couches or beds does not even require a second thought. And bonus, his tummy troubles are now a thing of the past.


you Hill's for the support in getting Honey to her goal weight. I am sure this weight loss has added years to her life and definitely a lot more quality and happiness.

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