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Pet Slimmer Hall of Fame

Honey win 2020 Hill’s Pet Slimmer of the Year

Lost 3.9 kgs
31% of her bodyweight.

Give a paws up

Dachshund, Female

Starting Weight: 12.6 kgs
Current Weight: 8.7 kgs
Percentage Lost: 31%

Slimmer Practice
Southern Cross Veterinary
Clinic, Port Elizabeth

Slimmer Supervisor
Karen Vogel
Honey | Before image Honey | After image

Honey’s Story

Honey is a Dachshund that we have known for over ten years. Towards the end of 2019 her family acquired a new dog. Unfortunately the new dog took to bullying Honey. It was heartbreaking to see poor Honey covered in bites and scratches. As a result we adopted her in December 2019.

When Honey arrived she was grossly overweight. She could not sit or run, was very lethargic and tired.

But Honey had (and still has) the persona of a champion:

* Brave; she will tackle the garbage truck if she could.

* Loving.

* Special.

So off we went to our local vet, Southern Cross Veterinary clinic and booked an appointment with Sister Karen. On the day of the appointment Karen's first words were "she looks like a well risen bread". Our neighbour said Honey "looked like a baby hippo".

Sister Karen examined Honey and prescribed Hill's Metabolic food and provided us with an eating plan. We believe that all dogs need love, clean water, good (the right) food and exercise. Honey weighed in at 12,6 kg at the start of her weight loss journey (late December 2019) and reached 8,9 kg on 23 May 2020.

Honey is now a new dog, full of energy and very active. On her daily two to three kilometre walk, as soon as she is let off her lead, she takes off like a bullet to explore.

Thank you Sister Karen, thank you Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic and thank you Hill's for the support in getting Honey to her goal weight. I am sure this weight loss has added years to her life and definitely a lot more quality and happiness.

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