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Pet Slimmer Hall of Fame

Mika's magical makeover

Lost 16.4kgs
30.9% of her body weight.

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Labrador Retriever, Female

Starting Weight: 53kgs
Current Weight: 36.6kgs
Percentage Lost: 30.9%

Slimmer Practice
Durbanville Animal
Hospital, CPT

Slimmer Supervisor
Belinda van Eeden
Mika Before image Mika After image

Mika’s Story

The Muller family welcomed their fluffy, cuddly Labrador puppy named
Mika into their home 8 years ago. She had 2 loves in her life, people and food. She grew big and the more she snacked and napped, the bigger she grew.

In January 2018, weighted at the vet, she tipped the scale at a whopping 53kg, that's 17kg overweight. The Muller family were introduced to the Hill's Pet Slimmer Clinic. With absolute diligence and discipline, they began to work the magic of the Hill's Prescription Diet weight management food , Metabolic + Mobility. It took Mika 53 weeks to shed that weight, but it was hard work and the Mullers took up the challenge. Not one weigh-in was missed, not one goal was late, the commitment shown was nothing short of inspiring! Mika averaged approximately 1.5kg weight loss a month.

These days Mika is happier, healthier and with extraordinary energy levels. The only thing large about her now is her heart!

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