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Pet Slimmer Hall of Fame

Finding Nemo’s Waistline

Lost 11kgs
22% of his bodyweight

Give a paws up

Nemo John
Labrador, Male

Starting Weight: 51kgs
Target Weight: 40kgs
Percentage Lost: 22%

Slimmer Practice
Brighton Beach Vet Clinic

Slimmer Supervisor
Dr Mangera

Nemo Before image Nemo After image

Nemo’s Story

For the rest of my life I will be eternally grateful to the couple in Durban North who couldn’t handle their mischievous 6 month old yellow Labrador named Sonny and decided that it was time to find him a new home. On arriving at Sonny’s home we both eyed each other at first, not knowing what to do. The moment I reached out my hand, he jumped onto my lap, put his massive front paws over my legs and the deal was sealed. It was love at first sight, what a beautiful little charmer.

Now let me make this clear Nemo (his new name) is not a watch dog, he is a fully fledged member of the John family. He lives indoors and is never left alone – he even has his own dog sitter. He walks in and out of the house as he pleases, has a favourite couch and knows his spot on the bed. A spot which he guards with his life against my mum who just manages to fit in next to my dad and our 51 kg puppy. Undoubtedly Nemo is the most loving dog you will ever meet.

Nemo knows exactly how to get a treat. His most famous way of getting a treat is the way he fetches the newspaper for dad everyday. After 10 years of watching him do this you would think it would grow old…never! With immense pride we watch our Nemo race to the gate to grab the newspaper and then with his tail proudly in the air make his way back to present it to dad. Of course he will not let it go without a treat as payment for his services. Believe me we’ve tried and failed, yes we’ve failed to read the shredded newspaper.

Over the past 10 years Nemo has been with us through many ups and downs. He was there for me when I had a broken heart and took me out of that dark place when I needed someone the most, licking away my tears. He was there when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, always at his bedside lifting his spirit. He was there when I got married, not sad that he had to share me with another man but instead embraced my husband and welcomed him to the family. He was there for the joyous birth of my nieces Arianna and Alessandra, now his babies who he acts as a lifesaver to when he insists on swimming with them in the pool. And he is always there to greet me at the door when I come home from work. No matter what, he is always ecstatic to see me.

One would expect that he would mature over the years but nothing could be further from the truth as he is still a rascal, full of life always looking for ways to create mischief. He has however filled out through the years, unfortunately, due to his love for KFC, pet mince and doggy biscuits. So much so that in October 2011 he tipped the scales at a whopping 51 kgs.

Our previous dog Jason was also overweight, developed arthritis and used to cry in pain every time he tried to jump around or sit down. His cries brought us to tears watching the dog we loved in that much pain. We were determined not to let Nemo follow this same fate.

So on the 10th of October 2011 we decided to put Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine r/d to the test. In fact Nemo and I embarked on a weight loss plan at the same time. And now 10 months later I am so excited to say that our boy Nemo has done us proud and lost over 11 kgs thanks to the brilliant eating plan devised by Hill’s.

It was extremely difficult when we first started him on the plan as Nemo had grown very accustomed to table scraps and pretty much eating everything we did. But we loved him enough to do what was best for him and that was Hill’s Prescription Diet. Needless to say I have not lost even half of what Nemo has, perhaps Hill’s should consider developing an eating plan for young women following the success achieved with Nemo.

The name Nemo means No one or Nobody but that is simply not what Nemo means to me. He is a part of our family. He is my companion, my confidant, my friend, the one who accepts me when no one else will. He is my joy when I am down, my partner in crime when I am excitedly pursuing a project, my study partner late at night when all is quiet, and most of all he is the one who is always there. He is Nemo. Nemo came to us at a time when our spirits were broken from the loss of our previous dog Jason. And he has managed to fill the void and complete our once broken family. He is like another child to my parents. Only, I believe, Nemo may listen better and have better manners than both my brother and I. He has brought so much fun and humour to our home and everyone who meets him falls in love with our Nemo.

Nemo has taught me so many life lessons but two stand out. He taught me how to forgive like he forgave us if we forgot to feed him at exactly the right time or when we were out longer than planned. But mostly he taught me how to love unconditionally because no matter what happened or what I said, he loved me just for me, always. There is no better feeling than the touch of his wet nose on my cheeks or a warm cuddle with him in bed.

I can only pray that Nemo will be with us for a very long time because eternity would be too soon to lose such a great dog and my best friend forever. We love you Nemo…

Your best friend forever….Nicolene John

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