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For login details and access to your pets profile and personalized weight loss plan, you will need to first enrol your pet at a Hill’s Pet Slimmer clinic in your area. Click here for more

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Record your progress. Take “before” photographs

Remember to take a number of good “before” pictures to remind you of how your pet looked before starting on the Hill’s Pet Slimmer Programme. So often the transformation in participants is simply remarkable and you’ll what to record your efforts.

If you plan on entering the competition submitting a good set of before and after photographs is critical. Entrants into the Hill’s Pet Slimmer competition recording good weight loss on paper but with poor quality photographic evidence of this stand little chance of making the finals.

Tips for taking good photos

  • Try to take photos outdoors, using natural light, avoiding shadows.
  • If possible avoid using a flash as this can cause “red-eye”.
  • Get quite close to your pet, but not so close that you cut off their legs.
  • Choose a background that has a contrasting color to your pet. Plain, uncluttered backgrounds without people are best.
  • Photograph pets with minimal restraint. Try to photograph them when they are relaxed, sleeping, eating, playing or in the garden.
  • Take photos from as many angles as possible - from the side, front, overhead and lying down. This enables us to choose the ones that show the pet’s weight loss best.
  • It’s always a good idea to ensure your after photo is taken from the same angle/s as the before for a good comparison.
  • And don’t forget to take your photos in high resolution.
  • And then don’t misplace them! In fact we recommend that as soon as you’ve registered that you login and upload them to the system. If you have any trouble email them to us on [email protected]
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