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Cat and Dog Weight Calculator

Pets can vary so much in size and shape, even within a specific breed. This can make if difficult to determine if yours is overweight.

Use our online weight assessment tools to find out.

Use the Body Condition Score tool to help determine your pet's level of risk of obesity.

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Some broader, more muscular breeds can hide excess weight fairly easily. So if your pet does not have an ideal body condition or if you are unsure, we strongly advise you set up an appointment with a Hill’s Pet Slimmer participating practice who will be able to make an accurate assessment of his weight and be able to offer you the best advice on helping your pet to reach an ideal body condition.

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body fat

With the growing pet obesity epidemic it can be an eye opener to know how much your pet's extra kilos mean in human terms.

Use our handy tool below to see your pet's weight in human terms:

  1. Select your preferred units of measurement.
  2. Select your pet's approximate ideal weight (base this on whether you have a small, medium or large animal).
  3. Drag the slider bar to the amount your dog is overweight.
  4. The display will tell you how much an equivalent human would be overweight.

The dangers of a dog being overweight are numerous and carrying even a small amount of additional weight can put a dog at risk. A small dog that is just 1kg overweight is the equivalent of a human carrying an extra 5kg, while a large dog who is 5kg over his ideal weight is the equivalent of a 25kg overweight human.

For more in depth information The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) has created tables of the most common breeds that compare those extra pounds on our pets in terms we can easily understand. APOP Founder and President Dr. Ernie Ward remarks on why the group created these tools. “As a veterinarian I’m always looking for ways to demonstrate how serious even a few extra pounds on a pet can be.”

If your pet is carrying any additional weight, we urge you to visit a Pet Slimmer participating practice. They will assess your pet and if needs be, enrol you for the Hill’s Pet Slimmer Programme.

Human Comparison Test

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of a {{vm.humanWeight}} {{vm.units == 'Kilos' ? 'kg' : 'lbs'}} overweight human!

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