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Meet SA's top Pet Slimmers

Read the incredible stories and view the
transformations of the 2020 finalists in the Hill's Pet Slimmer Programme.

Find out more about the celebrity judges making the hard decisions in this year's competition!

  • The only treat for Jessie now is her transformation!

    Lost 6.7 kgs | 

    20% of her bodyweight.

  • Roxy’s long journey to a happier, healthier life

    Lost 13.35 kgs | 

    25% of her bodyweight.

  • Golden oldie Miley feels like a puppy once more

    Lost 4.6 kgs | 

    31% of her bodyweight.

  • Bella bounces back

    Lost 2 kgs | 

    29% of her bodyweight.

  • Charlie sheds more than a third of her body weight!

    Lost 4.3 kgs | 

    38% of her bodyweight.

  • Julie avoids surgery thanks to her weight loss

    Lost 3.55 kgs | 

    21% of her bodyweight.

  • Sweet Honey now a new dog

    Lost 3.9 kgs | 

    31% of her bodyweight.

  • An amazing transformation for “Tiggy” Teagan

    Lost 3.2 kgs | 

    28% of her bodyweight.

  • Chinook the cat - weigh less, stress less

    Lost 2.6 kgs | 

    32% of her bodyweight.

  • Jinx jumps to weight loss success

    Lost 2.5 kgs | 

    32% of her bodyweight.

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