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Pet Slimmer Hall of Fame

Nitro beats all the odds

Lost 8.8 kgs
25.3 % of his bodyweight.

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Bulldog, Male

Starting Weight: 34.8 kgs
Current Weight: 26 kgs
Percentage Lost: 25.3%

Slimmer Practice
Bakenkop Animal Clinic, Gauteng

Slimmer Supervisor
Cindy du Preez

Nitro | Before image Nitro | After image

Nitro’s Story

I'm a 4 year old English Bulldog. As many people know our breed tends to have more health issues than others and unfortunately I'm one of them.

On the Easter weekend of 2019, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Many tests were done to figure out what the cause of my seizures was, but no real cause was ever found. I was put on medication to help ease the seizures and it did help but not for long. Some days were really bad. I would get up to 8 seizures in a day and they really took everything out of me. I didn't feel great and all I wanted to do was sleep. The one negative effect of the medication was weight gain. Putting on the extra kilos really didn't make anything easier for me. I loved going for afternoon walks with my mommy and daddy but unfortunately I couldn't walk too far as I would get really tired.

Even with all the walks and exercise I struggled to lose weight until I was put on the Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic + Mobility eating plan. Once I started to lose the weight, everything seemed to get better and easier for me. The afternoon walks got further and I didn't get so tired. I even got to a point that after the walks I still had energy left over for playtime and the odd backyard "Zoomies".

My seizures have also been under control and I have only had 2 since being on the eating plan. But who am I kidding, everyone who knows me knows that I'm a real sucker for some extra love and attention and since losing all the weight the spotlight has really been on me no matter where I go, whether it be at family members or my trips to the vet for my check ups, I always seem to catch everyone's attention and get all the love and cuddles I want.

Being on the Hill’s Metabolic + Mobility eating plan really wasn't difficult at all. The food is packed full of nutrients and keeps me going with a full tummy all day until my next meal. I've really been a much happier dog and will highly recommend the food to any other doggo struggling to get rid of the unwanted "puppy fat" and extra centimeters.


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