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Pet Slimmer Hall of Fame

Ruby The Dashing Dachsie

Lost 3.6 kgs
42% of her bodyweight.

Give a paws up

Dachshund, Female

Starting Weight: 8.6 kgs
Target Weight: 5 kgs
Percentage Lost: 41.86%

Slimmer Practice
Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital Cape Town

Slimmer Supervisor
Chyanne McCleeve

Ruby | Before image Ruby | After image

Ruby’s Story

I adopted Ruby in July 2014 from friends who were emigrating. She was a happy, healthy dog, or at least I thought so. My family started saying that Ruby was FAT and looked more like a boerewors than a sausage dog. But I always replied that they must be joking, my little Ruby was not fat. However, it did get me thinking that I should check her weight, especially as being overweight is bad for Dachshunds’ backs.

Then I saw a poster in the window of our local vet shop about pet obesity and decided to take Ruby for a weigh. Off we went to see Chyanne at Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital. That’s how our journey started.

I nearly fell over when Chyanne said my little girl was around 3 kg overweight! She suggested we put Ruby on the Hill’s Metabolic food, which she loved - Ruby loves food.

We had wonderful love, care and attention from Chyanne who weighed Ruby regularly. We also went for lots of dog walks around our neighbourhood, at the beach and in Wynberg Park where she loves to do doggy things like chasing the squirrels. I began to see a marvellous transformation in Ruby; she became more energetic and full of life. She now thinks she can climb up the trees to get the squirrels!

Today she’s at her ideal weight and eating Hill’s Science Plan Perfect Weight. She is happier, more energetic and has a zest for life. Now my family and friends ask me whether I have a new puppy. With a broad smile and pride I say no, it’s Ruby’s new sexy look.

Ruby loves to show off her new found curves and wiggle her little bum at other dogs. Hill’s has definitely made Ruby a happier, healthier and younger-looking dog. BIG Thanks to Hill’s and Chyanne of Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital.

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