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Feeding Tips

Follow these feeding tips to get your dog or cat into shape

Feeding Tips

Feeding Tips

If you’re changing your pet’s food to Hill’s Prescription Diet recommended for weight loss we recommend the following:

  • Introduce the new food gradually. Over a 7 day period, mix your pet’s previous food with increasing proportions of the new food, until only the new food is being fed. Any sudden or drastic change in food can result in refusal to eat and tummy upsets.
  • Ensure that you stick to the recommended daily allowance of food
    as directed by your vet. It helps to weigh and divide the daily allowance into several meals for the most efficient weight loss and to avoid accidental overfeeding.

Multi-pet households
If you have other pets that are not on the Slimmer Programme it is best to feed them separately. Cats can be particularly difficult especially if they’re used to free feeding but we have two ideas to share:

  • Make an entrance in a cardboard box which you then place over the food. In that way only the thinner cat was able to fit through!
  • Place your other cat’s food up on a higher level that would take too much effort on the Slimmer’s part to get to.

Tip: If you have one pet in the family that needs a weight loss food, you can switch all of your pets onto that food if they don’t have any other special requirements. Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic and Hill’s Science Plan Perfect Weight can help maintain weight in healthy dogs and cats.

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